Amber Parker – A New Day

A New Day

 Every year there are tens of millions of children born in China. Of those children many are abandoned as a result of disabilities, sexual discrimination, poverty or unmarried parents. New Day Foster Home gives hope to orphaned children by providing medical care for those with special needs. After receiving all the necessary medical attention, the children are given the nurturing emotional environment they need to reach their full potential.

In March 2009, I began documenting the everyday lives of four children living with foster families in a local community near Beijing. I’ve watched these children grow and change as they experience the love of a family. Kids who need closer medical care stay at New Day, and the kids who are healthy or who have fewer medical needs live with foster families and visit New Day daily where they attend preschool. At home, they help with chores such as making breakfast, sweeping the floors, and cleaning up their toys. These photographs tell the story of their lives as they learn what it means to be a part of a family.

Of the four children I photographed, two of them have been adopted. Julia was adopted in November 2009 and Matt was adopted in June 2010. William and Philip still live with their foster families waiting to be matched for adoption.


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