Stephen Takacs

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Artist Statement

I’d like to start by noting that these images are not composites. My photographs are created through sweat, travel, hard work and collaboration in small towns and cities across America. The Brownie In Motion Project began in 2013 when I constructed a large scale camera obscura installation modelled after an iconic Kodak Brownie camera and began installing it in locations across the US.

First introduced in 1900, Kodak Brownie cameras helped democratize photography through their low price, simple design and ease of use. For over 60 years, Brownie cameras were used by millions to record holidays, vacations and other aspects of daily life.

In our time of camera phones and instant gratification, the obsolete Brownie is given a second life rediscovering the American landscape. These straight photographs document the ongoing travels of an oversized Brownie camera as it journeys across the country, mining the camera’s cultural history of tourism within the American landscape. 

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