Michael Zimmerer and David Gary

Michael Zimmerer and David Gary collaborate on a study of prospective evolution.

In 2163, the world will be unrecognizable.  Our environments will alter, Artificial and Organic civilizations will form. Authorities will host new power, keeping citizens imminently watched over.  Sciences will expand us beyond fiction.  What will be the most unfamiliar, is who we have become.

Zimmerer and Gary open us to our future, Reliquaen.  By plotting paths developing today, we can view how society and it’s members start to dictate the road for humankind.

Michael Zimmerer – Artist Statement

After traveling significant distances I began to see the world differently, especially the wilderness. It was no longer my childhood playground, a resource or a fantasy to explore; but environments that taught, learned and breathed on their own. In each of my projects I am not just documenting where I have traversed, but I am discovering and exploring what it means to be a place. I want to encourage the viewer to recon- sider their world, be it under the sky or inside their minds.

My work is about seeing the world in a new way, not a new angle or a new development, but about vision and understanding. I want to explore the Earth, and everything involved in it. My work ranges from telling the story of an elegant land turned dark and decrepit, to the discovery of self, and how easily so many of us lose in ourselves that which seems impossible to really lose.

In my images I want people to find their roots in the world, and in themselves.

David Gary Lloyd – Artist Statement

My work seeks to illustrate the sociological effects on contemporary culture. By expressing the persuasions and gimmicks imposed on us by mainstream culture, our psyche is heavily influenced.

The biggest contrast in our childhood and adulthood is the ability to control the information that is transmitted to us. As we gain more control over our individual person, we begin to explore the person we really are, void of what society tells us to be.

Yet, in a world full of so much advertising and product branding, we are essentially being slowly programmed to fit a certain mold. Unaware of this psychology invading our minds, our brains can be left helpless to the constant influx of marketing.

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