Brooke Humphreys – Love Makes a House a Home

Project Statement

Growing up I have always felt a vast disconnect between making friends and living somewhere. This series of work Love Makes a House a Home, uses the themes of separation and loss in relation to my own experiences of moving so often that a house becomes just a place to live. A home is a place you form an attatchment to. Within the first ten years of my life I lived in seven houses; this sequence of houses and moves led me to feeling wary of forming any sort of close relationship with friends. Even now, the effect of these numerous moves has made me cautious in making connections with others and how I trust people.

Using multiple layers of materials to further represent the idea of separation from memories and experiences from each of these places. By letting each layer hang separate from the other, the ebb and flow of each piece leads the viewer back and forth between the image transfers and their backgrounds.

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