Jennifer Elmore

Artist Statement

A Perfect World

The photo-making process of A Perfect World is directly related to the journey of the performance from the subject for the camera. For example, the actual experience of creating each photograph is a part of each individual image. The pretense and/or concept behind this work includes portraying a specific role ‘for the camera’, the concept of how each subject engages within their physical space, the veracity of their gaze, and the notion of fact vs. fiction or false consciousness. I am creating narratives…narratives that expectantly leave profuse questions for my viewers to ask themselves as they reflect upon my work and the suggested story left to unfold individually by different audiences. With the use of indulgent props and unconventional sets, I hope to achieve this intention.

Nuclear Testing

Nuclear Testing is a series that I created that was inspired by the atomic bomb testing that took place mainly in Nevada in the 1950s; a retrospect of what a modern day apocalypse could result in for the average family.  Typical, everyday moments that are constantly being reminded that nothing is of the norm anymore.  Most of these are also family portraits with my son.  The act of making these images were wild and I feel that the performance is still a huge part of my photo-making process.  Nuclear Picnic was the first one.  I had never worn a gas mask before and it was constricting, hot and extremely hard to breathe with it on.  I feel like this was a metaphor of what I was going through at the time- I felt constricted and trapped and couldn’t seem to do anything to change my dilemma.  Little did I know that I was creating such a symbolic similarity with my real life situation.  This is an ongoing series that I have been working on for over 2 years.

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