Davida Carta


Artist’s Statement

This project wasn’t born as a cohesive body of work. Infact, it surfaced from an editing process during my first semester of residency at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, where I am currently studying to get my MFA in Photography.
“Windows” interest me, both metaphorically and literally. Looking in and out, concealing, peering through, contrast between inside world and outside world; texture, wood, light, peeling paint, glass, reflections, are all aspects and concepts that I enjoy and want to explore.

In this project, the photographs of the windows are not representing one, consistent space, but many. It is not relevant to me to give spacial homogeneity (one physical space) to the viewer, as much as showing how the places are connected by a common atmosphere.

I realized that I am drawn to details and observations of the quotidian in an introspective process that moves from the particular to the general. Being a foreigner in the United States, I lose all points of reference. Details become important to establish a sense of place and a sense of belonging. In this case, window are the common thread between Italy, my home country and the United States. The lace of the curtains, the condensation on the glass, the atmosphere itself, is something universal, that can be easily recognized and referenced. It could be exactly here in space and time or nowhere. The emotional quality of everyday objects emerges in a quiet atmosphere, allowing contemplation and almost a meditative state.

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