Jana C. Perez and Angilee Wilkerson



Perform La Femme is a series of performative self-portraits, often sardonic and curious, that considers the complexities of female identity. This series is a collaboration between two artists who enact roles; performing in partnership and using their own bodies to emphasize the dualities and entanglements in their lives.
Lush and recurring color palettes that include reds, blues, and yellows act as visual metaphor for emotional and physical states of being– sacrifice, Eros, apprehension, and more. Each photographic tableau offers a range of environments and lighting, depicting narratives that are simultaneously ambiguous and descriptive. Scenes range from a brightly–lit kitchen to dark coral cliffs swarming with insects to an open field of hay bales at dusk. Objects within each scene serve as symbols, and personalities emerge as we take on the enigmatical characters of worker/scientist, sleeping maiden, bouffant-wearing hostess and more.
In finding commonalities and differences within our experiences, we create a stage where camaraderie empowers a shared voice. Similar in some ways to the child-like play of “dress up”, each scene transports us to a state of imagination where we both find the freedom to act out an evolving story. This collaborative act and its surrounding tasks allow for a deeper, communal understanding of life as both women and artists. Becoming each other’s muse and teacher– all under the gaze of the lens – we create commentary on larger cultural ideals of female identity and of aging and beauty.


Two pieces from this series were recently chosen for the TPS 25: The International Competition, juried by Rixon Reed, Founder and Director of photo-eye and Art Photo Index in Santa Fe, New Mexico


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