Arthur Fields

Technically Connected

Technically Connected is an exhibition of large-scale digital photographs portraits that reveal identities and behaviors associated with users of social networking programs in the context of personal communication devices, such as smart-phones, laptops, and personal computers. This work focuses on people who use personal technology as a primary source of communication between family and social groups. The work reveals technology-mediated relationships by combining digital photography and appropriated imagery to contextualize personal stories of daily technology users. Formal portraits of technology users investigate notions of self and social identity through the type of image that is used to represent their on-line identity. Technically Connected also uses staged images to explore the process of self-discovery through narratives of behaviors associated with technology use and the roles that people assign personal technology in their lives.

Through the use of the portrait, this work documents and illustrates how personal technology has become a primary source for communication between traditional family and social groups who augment face-to-face relations with technology as a primary method for social interaction. The viewer is exposed to various forms of identity exposed by the widespread use of media screens, i.e. film, video, computer and smart-phone, that saturate daily life. By showing how individuals present themselves on-line and relate to and through these screens in daily communication, this work illustrates the dichotomy of technological communication in public versus private intra-group settings. The ideas of voyeurism and compulsion are exposed and examined as the portraits portray real life experiences that the viewer may recognize. The goal of the work is to create a context for personal recognition of behaviors associated with social relationships and technology.

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