Heidi Clapp-Temple

Artist Statement

Brought to Light is an on-going project with a different approach to photography in which I create scenes for the camera. The process involves fabricating table top sets and illuminating them from behind to make photos of what is a constructed reality. I first make drawings that are cut into silhouette shapes and combined with papers, fabric, glass and various objects. I work with light and play with shapes, color, transparent and opaque areas to create a composition. Photographing them is a way of giving permenence and credulity to what is a purely fictional and temporary set up.

This project emerged as another way to talk about things that are deeply personal to me, to bring them to light. In these images you will see my female point of view in regards to aging, beauty, relationships, identity and motherhood. I endeavor to convey my feelings, which range from subtle to direct about these issues. My personal history and experiences are the source for this work. It is my hope that the viewer will find it relatable in regards to their own life.

Artist Website

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