Dan Snow

Artist Statement

Aftermath fulfills the artistic vision of photographer Dan Snow, who says, “I have a strong desire to understand the tragedies of life, and what drives people like my father, a career police officer, to protect us from these horrors. The death scenes I photograph are approached as an investigator and artist.” Each of the photographs included in this body of work depict the scene of a violent, sudden death or the remains of a tragedy, and the stories behind them are drawn from a combination of public and private information, such as police files, autopsy reports, and newspaper articles. Most anecdotes describe the manner and cause of death, as well as the subsequent reaction to the tragedy and the treatment of the site.

Not all subjects are murders, not all are crimes, and some exist more in legend than in documented fact – but all photographs probe a deeper understanding of death and the resulting atmosphere surrounding the area. Some locations are marked in memoriam of the deceased as part of the grieving process. Some have become tourist attractions and national parks. Others show no sign to distinguish them from any other location. As Dan’s photographs explore the nature of death and grief, they find a wide variety of responses and lasting impressions.

Overall, the impression of these photographs together suggests the resilience of humanity. Trees continue to grow, loved ones of the deceased move forward with their lives, and the stone markers and white crosses commemorating tragedy tend to fade and crumble. He hopes these photographs will give closure to the survivors of the deceased.

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