Aubrey J Kauffman

Urban Studies

I grew up in the industrialized northeastern part of the country where I still live and work.  This environment has had an impact on what I photograph.  For more than 30 years the themes of urban architecture and man’s impact on the environment has long challenged me artistically and intellectually.  I witness this in urban structures as simple as building façades in a strip mall to the deserted athletic fields of parks and playgrounds.  The resulting work is an interaction of formal and organic elements.

My portrayal of desolation, isolation and lack of human interaction is intentional, but the footprint of human activity is ever present.  My own interaction has become the subject of an ongoing series of self-portraits entitled “Light of the Sun on My Back.  The title, taken from a song of the same name, is by Jill Scott, a popular R&B performer.  She sings the title over and over again in a syncopated rhythm while the band vamps behind her.  My self-portraits follow that sense of syncopation in having my shadow or some part of me as a visual element in each frame.

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