Elva Salinas


In my passion to understand and appreciate people and culture, I use the camera as my tool of investigation. My approach to the studio, camera, and editing comes from an intuitive relationship I develop with the people that surround me, along with my culture, environment, memories, and dreams. My background in Fine Art, Chemistry, and Latin American studies helped solidify a synthesis of artistic experimentation with the study of culture. Such interests underpin my intuitive visual experimentation with mixed-media processes in both traditional/contemporary photography and digital manipulation, accompanied by the investigation of human emotions and relationships in sociocultural contexts.

In my work I explore cultural dynamics surrounding identity. My work reflects the emotional dimensions of personal memories, collected histories, and cultural myths through digital photomontages integrating portraits, cultural icons and individuals. In my work, such imagery seeks to simultaneously investigate the origins of cultural ideology and communicate them as imaginative narratives.

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