Christopher Mortenson

Artist Statement

They keep telling me I’m an adult, but I don’t feel like one.

“Life in the Middle” is a series of photographs that tell my coming of age story. After the loss of my father in 2009 the idea of adulthood became a reality. With this new reality came a whole new set of responsibilities that were knocking on my door and I wasn’t sure how to answer them. These photographs are my answer.

I make tableaus of scenarios that are influenced by the culture around me. My photographs are honest and show the frailty of people. By using humor in my photographs I am able to explore topics that are uncomfortable for people to casually think about. I put myself in these socially awkward situations in hope that the viewer can imagine a piece of themselves in my photographs. This connection allows me to build on the conversation that no matter what the age, we must all finally learn how to grow up.

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