Welcome to Ticka Arts! We are excited about the upcoming year, and the artists that we’ll be working with. ¬†As of November 1, 2013 Ticka Arts was made a non-profit corporation with the State of Texas. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen for us.

Ticka also currently has a way for you to donate! Please follow the link: gofundme.com/ar3hysgt .Money donated helps us to exhibit outside of this virtual space, and reduces the cost for the artists.

In September we had the pleasure of having our 2nd Ticka Arts Exhibition at the O2 Gallery at Flatbed Press here in Austin, Texas. Thank you to all those who donated to our show, as well as those artists that participated. As always, we had a blast. In February of 2016 Ticka will have it’s 3rd Exhibition in Dallas, Texas. We can’t wait.

Ticka Arts 2nd Exhibition

Ticka Arts 2nd Exhibition

Ticka Arts 2nd Exhibition Featured Artists




















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